WC Code: 03-087

Calcium Hydroxide (Hi Calcium Hydrated Lime)

Wintersun code: 03-087
CAS Number: 1305-62-0
Molecular Formula: Ca(OH)2
Molecular Weight: 74.096

Physical And Chemical Properties

Appearance: White or gray powder, odorless
Melting Point: decomposition 580°C
Boiling Point: 2850°C
Specific Gravity: 2.2g/cc
PH: 12.4 @ 25°C
Solubility in Water: Slightly soluble in water

Sales Specifications

Calcium Hydroxide >90%
Magnesium Hydroxide <5%
Calcium carbonate <5%
Magnesium Oxide <5%
Silica <1%

Sieve Analysis

Sieve Size Percent Passing
#200 ASTM 94%
#325 ASTM 88%


In 50LB bag, 50 bags/pallet


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