WC Code: 03-024

Chromic Acid (Chromium Trioxide)

Chromium Trioxide

Wintersun code: 03-024
CAS Number: 1333-82-0
Molecular Formula: CrO3
Molecular Weight: 99.99

Chromium Trioxide Physical And Chemical Properties

Physical State: Odorless dark red deliquescent solid
Melting Point: 197 °C
Boiling Point: Decomposes
Specific Gravity: 2.70
Solubility in Water: Highly soluble
PH: 0.20-2.0 depending on concentration
NFPA Ratings: Health: 3; Flammability: 0; Reactivity:1
Flash Point: Not combustible
Stability: Stable under ordinary conditions

Chromium Trioxide Applications

Wood Preservatives, Metal Plating, Magnetic Tapes, Catalyst, copper stripping, aluminum anodizing, corrosion inhibitor, photography, purifying oil and acetylene, oxidizer in organic synthesis.

Chromic Acid Sales Specification

Appearance: Dark Red Flakes
Chromic Acid: 99.7%
SO42-: 0.05% Max
Na+: 0.02% Max
Substance insoluble in water: 0.01% Max
Turbidity: 5.0% Max
Iron(Fe): 0.005% Max


In 110.23 Lbs Drum, 18 Drums per Pallet


UN No: 1463
Hazard Class: 5.1
Packing Group: II

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