WC Code: 05-021

Exxsol D 110 Fluid

Wintersun code: 05-021
CAS Number: 64742-47-8

  Sales Specification

Chemical Name: Distillates (Petroleum), Hydrotreated Light
100% Concentration
Appearance: PASS
Aromatic Content (wt %): 1.00 Max.
Color, Saybolt (saybt): 30Min.
Distillation Temp, IBP: 237oC Min.
Distillation Temp, DP: 277 oC Max.
Flash Point: 105oC Min.
Specific Gravity @ 15.6/15.6 C: 0.780 – 0.830
Refractive Index, 25C: N/A
Sulfur Content and Aniline Point comply with sales specifications.


In 370 lb drum, 4 drums per pallet


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