WC Code: 08-025

Hypophosphorous Acid 50% (Phosphinic Acid)

Wintersun code: 08-025
CAS Number: 6303-21-5


Appearance: Colorless Liquid
Hypophosphorous Acid : 50% Min
Phosphorous Acid (H3PO3): 0.50% Max
Sodium (Na): 0.50% Max.
Iron (Fe): 15 ppm Max.
Sulfate(SO4): 300 ppm Max.
Lead (Pb): 5.0 ppm Max.
Arsenic (As): 1.00 ppm Max.
Color, haze: 30 HAZEN
Density (20 C): 1.210 – 1.226 g/cm3
Chloride (Cl): 300 ppm Max.


55.12 LB Drum
2204.6 LB Tote


UN No: 3264
Shipping Name: Corrosive liquid, acidic, inorganic, NOS (hypophosphorous acid/ phosphorous acid solution)
Packing Group: II
Hazard Clas: 8


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