WC Code: 01-072-2

Acacia Gum Instantgum AP

Acacia Gum

Wintersun code: 01-072

Instantgum AP

WC Code: 01-072-2

  Sales Specification

Moisture (5h @ 105°C):10% Max
Colour @ 25% (Aqueous solution 25% – Lovibond AF900): 10 Max
pH (25% aqueous solution, @ 20°C): 4,1 Min & 4,8 Max
Viscosity 25% (25%, Brookfield LVF 60 rpm @ 20°C): 60mPa.s Min & 130 mPa.s Max
Total Ashes @ 600°C (8h @ 600°C): 4% Max
Acid insoluble ashes (Ashes + acid hydrolysis): 0,5% Max
Acid insoluble matters (Gravimetric determination after acid hydrolysis): 0,1% Max
Optical rotation (1%) (589 nm, aqueous solution 1%): Laevorot Min
Mesh size powder through 63μm (Vacuum sieving): 15% Max
Glucose and Fructose* (Chromatography): Pass test (Min)
Starch, Dextrin and Agar* (Iodine solution): Pass test (Min)
Sterculia gum* (Eur. Ph (A-B)): Pass test (Min)
Tragacantha* (Chromatography): Pass test (Min)
Identification test* (Eur. Ph (A-B-C-D)): Pass test (Min)
Solubility and reaction* (solution in water): Pass test (Min)
Tannin test* (reaction with ferric chloride solution): Pass test (Min)
Total heavy metal*: 5 ppm Max
Arsenic* (ICP-Mass spectrometry): 0,5 ppm Max
Lead* (ICP-Mass spectrometry): 0,1 ppm Max
Mercury* (Atomic Absorption spectrometry): 0,1 ppm Max
Cadmium* (ICP-Mass spectrometry): 0,1 ppm Max

*tested 1/year (product of the same grade)


25 KG paper bags; 40 bags/pallet


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