WC Code: 12-025

Lanolin USP



Wintersun code: 12-025
CAS Number: 8006-54-0

Lanolin  USP

WC Code: 12-025-01

Sales Specification

Appearance: Yellow Ointment
Color (Gardner): 9+ Max
Water: 0.25% Max
Acid Value: 2.0 ml Max
Free Fatty Acid: 0.56% Max
Melting Range: 38 – 44oC
Iodine Value: 18-36
Residue on Ignition: 0.1% Max


In 35 LB Pail


Lanolin  Anhydrous USP Advance

WC Code: 12-025-02

Sales Specification

Odor: Mild
Appearance: Yellowish light, semi-solid
Color, Gardner: 5 Max
Melting Range: 38 – 44
Acid Value (0.1 mol/L NaOH/10g) ml: <2.0
Iodine Value %: 18 -36
Water Determination %: <0.25
Peroxide Value me/kg: <20
Alkalinity: Meets USP Requirement
Water Soluble Acids / Alkalies: Meets USP Requirement
Water Soluble Oxidizable Substances: Meets USP Requirement
Ammonia: Meets USP Requirement
Petrolatum: Meets USP Requirement
Residue on Ignition %: <0.1
Chlorides %: <0.035
Limit of Free Lanolin Alcohol %: <6.0
Foreign Substances ppm: Individual <0.5, Total <1.0
Storage: Keep in cool dry location
Comments: Contains no antioxidants or preservatives, no BHT


In 400 LB Drum

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