WC Code: 14-045-02

Nitrilotriacetic Acid (NTA) Solution

Nitrilotriacetic Acid (NTA)

Wintersun code: 14-045
Molecular Weight: 275.1g/mol

NTA Solution

WC Code: 04-045-02

With a higher binding capacity, NTA chelates
more metal ions with less material than
EDTA chelating agents. With a nearly 50 percent
higher chelation value (154 vs. 104), NTA is
pound-for-pound more effective than common
EDTA chelating agents, like Versene 100,
Dissolvine E-39 and Trilon B. In fact, you need
only 0.68 pounds of NTA to replace one pound
of EDTA – without sacrificing performance.

NTA forms water-soluble complexes with
polyvalent metal ions, including calcium,
magnesium, iron, copper and zinc.
These complexes are stable at temperatures up
to 100°C and a pH range between 2.0 and 13.5,
particularly in alkaline conditions.

NTA is effective in caustic-based formulations
for a number of surface cleaning applications
including hard surfaces, metals, and vehicles.
– Extensive testing in our laboratories has shown
that NTA-based vehicle wash formulations are
effective against a variety of soiling conditions.
– In addition, our tests found no corrosion on
the paint and lacquer finishes, and no attack
on the rubber components.


Appearance: Clear, colorless or pale yellow liquid
Assay, % N(CH2COONa)3 H2O: 41.7 – 44.4
Through 200 Mesh: N/A
Auto ignition temperature °C: 571
Decomposition temperature °C: 340
Specific Gravity @ 25°C / 15.5°C: 1.280-1.305
pH, 1% Solution @ 25°C: 10.5-11.5
Flash Point, °F (Pensky-Martin cc): N/A
Total Moisture, % @ 200°C: N/A


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