WC Code: 24-005-01

Silicone Emulsion X

Silicone Emulsion 60%

Wintersun code: 24-005

Silicone Emulsion X

WC Code: 24-005-01

Sales Specification

Appearance: Liquid, Milky White
Nonvolatile content 6 min/ 100%: 62.00%-66.00%
Viscocity: 1000mm2/s
Freezing/ Melting Point: Not determined
Boiling Point: > 65°C
pH: 7-9.5
Volatile Content: 36%
Flash Point: > 212 °F / 100 °C


WC Code: 24-005-01-A: In 2204 LB Tote
WC Code: 24-005-01-B: In 441 LB Drum, 4 Drums per Pallet




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