WC Code: 19-010

Sodium Bisulfate Globular Food Grade

Wintersun code: 19-010
CAS Number: 7681-38-1
Molecular Formula: NaHSO4

Sales Specifications

Appearance:  White Pearls
Assay: 98.0% Min
Sodium Sulfate: 1.0-4.3%
Moisture as H2O: 0.2-0.5%
Iron: 0.002-0.005%
Chloride: 0.1% Max
Selenium: 0.00025% Max
Arsenic: 0.00030% Max
Lead: 0.00010% Max
Mercury: 0.00010% Max
pH (10% Aqueous solution): 1.0-1.4
Bulk Density: 1350-1450 kg/m3
Water Insoluble: 0.01% Max
Drying Loss: 0.8% Max


In 55.12 lbs bag/ 40 bags per pallet
In 2204.6 lbs supersack


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