WC Code: 19-085

Sodium Bisulfite Anhydrous

Wintersun code: 19-085
CAS Number: 7631-90-5
Molecular Formula: NaHSO3
Molecular Weight: 104.06

Sodium Bisulfite Photo Grade/ Food Grade

WCode: 19-085-001

Molecular Formula: NaHSO3
Molecular Weight: 104.06
Appearance: White Crystal Grain
Main Content (as NaHSO3): 99% Min
Water-Insolube: 0.03% max
Chloride (Cl): 0.05% max
Iron (Fe): 0.004% max
Heavy Metal (Pb): 0.001% max
Arsenic (As): 0.0002% max


In 50LB Paper Bag, 44 Bags per Pallet

Sodium Bisulfite Solution

WCode: 19-085-002

Assay (As SO2): 38.0-42.00wt% solution
pH: 3.60-5.00
Specific Gravity: 1.31-1.38 @ 20ºC


In 1300KG Totes (2,865.98 lbs)


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