WC Code: 19-011-001

Sodium Carbonate, Dense 

Sodium Carbonate (Soda Ash)

Wintersun code: 19-011
CAS Number: 497-19-8
Molecular Formula: Na2CO3

Sodium Carbonate, Dense

WCode: 19-011-001

  Chemical Characteristics

Sodium Carbonate (as Na2CO3): 99.6% Min
Sodium Oxide (as Na2O): 58.2% Min
Sodium Sulfate (as Na2SO4): 2000PPM Max
Sodium Chloride (as NaCl): 1000PPM Max
Water Insoluble: 500PPM Max
Bulk Density (lbs/ft³): 56.0 Min

*Meets FCC standards and is GRAS

  Particle Size Distribution

+ 20 mesh (850 micron): 0.4% Max
+ 30 mesh (600 micron): 8.0% Max
+ 100 mesh (150 micron): 85.0% Min
– 200 mesh (75 micron): 2.0% Max


In 50 lbs bags, 49 bags per pallet
In 55.12 lbs bags, 44 bags per pallet


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