WC Code: 19-014-02

Sodium Citrate Dihydrate (Tri-Sodium Citrate) USP/ FCC

Sodium Citrate Dihydrate (Tri-Sodium Citrate)

Wintersun code: 19-014
CAS Number: 6132-04-3
Molecular Formula: C6H5Na3O7
Molecular Weight: 258.07 g/m

Sodium Citrate Dihydrate (Tri-Sodium Citrate) USP/ FCC

WC Code: 19-014-02

Sales Specification

Identification: Conform with the test
Characteristics: Colorless crystals or a white crystalline powder
Clarity and color of solution: Conform with the test
Chloride(ppm): ≤50
Sulfate (ppm): ≤150
Oxalate (ppm): ≤100
Iron(ppm): ≤5
Heavy metal Iron (ppm): ≤5
Lead (ppm): ≤1
Arsenic (ppm): ≤1
Mercury (ppm): ≤1
Readily Carbonizable Substances: Not deeper in the standard
Assay (%): 99.0-101.0
Water (%): 11.0-13.0
Impurities: Conforming with the test
Pyrogen: Conforming with the test
Tartrate: Conforming with the test
Acidity or alkalinity: Conforming with the test
pH value: 7.5-9.0
Mesh size: 30 – 100 mesh
This batch is in conformity with the standard of BP2013/ USP35/ FCC8/ E331


In 50LB bag 44 bags per pallet


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