WC Code: 19-032

Sodium Metabisulfite FCC/Photo Grade

Wintersun code: 19-032
CAS Number: 7681-57-4
Molecular Formula: Na2S2O5
Molecular Weight: 190.1

Sales Specification

Appearance: White or slightly yellow crystal powder
Assay (Na2S2O5): ≥97%
Insoluble in water: ≤0.03%
Arsenic: ≤0.002%
Heavy Metal as Pb: ≤0.001%
As: ≤0.0002%
Cd: ≤0.0001%
Fe: ≤0.005%
pH: 4.0-4.6


50 lbs bag, 49 bags per pallet
50 lbs bag , 44 bags per pallet


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