WC Code: 19-040-03

Sodium Percarbonate (Coated)

Wintersun code: 19-040
CAS Number: 15630-89-4
Molecular Formula: 2Na2CO33H2O2
Molecular Weight: 314.06

Sodium Percarbonate (Coated)

WC Code: 19-040-03

  Standard Specification

Appearance: White, granular solid, odorless
Available Oxygen (wt.%): 12.5 – 13.8
Bulk Density (g/L): 950 – 1200
Median Particle Size (Microns): 550 – 900
Moisture (wt. %): 1.0 Max.


In 55.12 lb bag, 40 bags per pallet


Proper shipping name: Sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate
UN No.: 3378
Hazard Class: 5.1
Packing Group: II


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