WC Code: 19-119

Sodium Sesquicarbonate

Wintersun code: 19-119
CAS Number: 533-96-0
Molecular Formula: Na2CO3-NaHCO3 2H2O
Molecular Weight: 226.03 g/m

Sales Specification

Physical and Chemical Properties

Bulk Density:  42-54lb/ft3      0.67-0.86g/cm3
Na2O, wt%: 41-42.9
Sodium (Na) content, wt %: 30.4-31.8
Total Alkalinity as Na2CO3, wt %: 69-72
Na2SO4, wt%: 0.05 max
NaCl, wt%: 0.05 max
Fe2O3, ppm: 10 max
Arsenic, ppm: 3 max
Heavy Metals as Pb, ppm: 10 max


1.Bath salts, swimming pools and as an alkalinity source for water treatment.
2. used in the archaeological :conservation of objects made of copper and copper alloys that have been corroded by salt water. Treatment with sodium sesquicarbonate removes copper chlorides from the corroded layer; if these were not removed the object would continue to corrode (“copper disease”) while exposed to air.
3. used as a precipitating water softener, it can combine with hard water minerals to form an insoluble precipitate, removing these hardness minerals from the water.


50lb bag, 54 bags per pallet


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