WC Code: 19-070-01

Sodium Silicate Solid Rock


Sodium Silicate Rock

Wintersun code: 19-070
CAS Number: 1344-09-8
Molecular Formula: Na4SiO4

Sodium Silicate Rock Form

WS Code: 19-070-01

Sales Specification

Na2O: 20.50% Min
SiO2:  75% Min
Fe: 0.12% Max
M.R.: 3.3-3.4
Total Solid Soluble in Water: 98%


Silica gel production, builder or anti-soil-redeposition agent for detergent, peroxide stabilizer in bleaching, solubilizer in ink, flux binder for welding rods, deflocculant for ceramic, buffer, fireproofing paper catalysts.


25 kg woven bag, 40 bags/pallet

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