WC Code: 20-019-01

Titanium Dioxide Anatase

Titanium Dioxide

Wintersun code: 20-019
CAS Number: 13463-67-7
Molecular Formula: TiO2
Molecular Weight: 79.87 g/mo

Titanium Dioxide Anatase

WC Code: 20-019-01

  Sales Specification

Titanium Dioxide Content by Wt.: 98.4%
Volatile Component @ 105oC (by wt.): 0.2%
Component Soluble in Water (by wt.): 0.5%
Residue on Mesh (45μm; by wt.): 0.02%
Color (L*): 96.3%
Light Scattering Power: 100%
Volatile at 105oC after 24h Stay at (23±2)oC/RH
(50±5): 0.4%
pH of aqueous suspension: 7.6
Oil Absorption Value g/100g (by wt.): 26
Resistance of Aqueous Extraction liquid Ω*m (by wt.): 28%
L Value of Dry Powder Whiteness: 99.24
A Value of Dry Powder Whiteness: -0.15
B Value of Dry Powder Whiteness: 0.07
Wg Value of Dry Powder Whiteness: 98.22
Fe2O3 μg/g: 81
Color b*: 2.54
Color a*: -0.46
Average particle size (μm): 0.34
Tinctorial Strength (compare with specimen): 105


In 25 KG Bag, 35 bags per pallet



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