WC Code: 23-005

WCDS (Cocamide DEA Substitute)

Wintersun code: 23-005
Molecular Formula: Proprietary


WCDS is specifically formulated to address the need for a Proposition 65 conforming product to replace the outgoing Cocamide DEA chemical. WCDS is ideal for cleaning product formulators who can no longer use Cocamide DEA in their applications due to federal regulations.

Sales Specification

Appearance: Liquid Pearlescent White
Odor: Slight
Flash Point: Greater than 200°F
% Volatile by Weight: 75
Solubility (H2O): Diffusible
Density: 8.45 lbs/gal
Active: 25% Min
pH: 6-8


In 460 LB Drum, 4 drums per pallet


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