WC Code: 24-003

Xylitol, Food Grade

Wintersun code: 24-003
CAS Number: 201-788-0
Molecular Formula: HOCH2[CH(OH)]3CH2OH

Sales Specification

Appearance: White crystal or crystalline powder
Xylitol Assay: 99.5% Min
Loss Drying: 0.5% Max
Residue after Burning: 0.05% Max
Reducing Sugar Glucose: 0.1% Max
Other Polyhydric Alcohols: 0.2% Max
Heavy Metal (Pb): 5 ppm Max
Arsenic: 2 ppm Max
Nickel: 2 ppm Max
Lead: 1 ppm Max
Chlorides: 0.01% Max
Sulfates: 0.01% Max
Melting Point: 92 ~ 96 °C
PH: 5.0 ~ 7.0
Quality Standard: USP24 and FCC IV


In 55.12 LB bag


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