WC Code: 26-002

Zinc Chloride

Zinc Chloride

Wintersun code: 26-002
CAS Number: 7646-85-7
Molecular Formula: ZnCl2
Molecular Weight: 136.30

Zinc Chloride Applications

Galvanizing fluxes, Soldiering fluxes, Electroplating, Batteries as Electrolyte, Preservation of Glue and Timber, Production of Ethylacetate, Active Carbon, Dehydrating and Condensing Agent, Burnishing and Polishing Compounds, as a mordant in dyeing textiles, Glass Etching, Oil Refining, Parchment, Embalming and Taxidermists Fluid, Off-set Printing, Antistatic, Stabilizing Agent for Diazonium Compounds.

Zinc Chloride Sales Specification

Appearance: White powder
Zinc Chloride: 98% Min
Iron as Fe: 0.0005% Max
Lead as Pb: 0.0005% Max
Sulfate: 0.01% Max
ZnO: 2.0% Max
Barium(Ba): 0.1%
Insoluble Substance in Acid HCL: 0.1%
Zinc sheet Corrosion: Passes


In Bag: 55.12 lb, 40 bags per pallet
In Drum: 330 lb, 440 lb, 445 lb, 500 lb


Proper Shipping Name: Zinc Chloride, anhydrous
UN No: 2331
Hazard Class: 8
Packing Group: III


Q1: Can I have a sample for testing?
A: Yes! Test can intuitively show the application result. Actually the sample is free;
you just need to pay for the express cost.
Q2: Can I use our own packing?
Yes! OEM is available for us. You can send your packing material to our factory or we can purchase the designated packing for you.
Q3: Do you have inspection procedures for evaporation materials?
A: 100% self-inspection before packing
Q6: What are the benefits of being an HSC distributor?
A: Broad market sales; ample margins for your sales.
Q7: How can I become a distributor of HSC?
A: Contact us immediately for further details by sending us an inquiry.

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